Borgio Verezzi
Borgio Verezzi
An ancient, scenic village, half on the sea, half on the hills, Borgio shines in shallow waters rich with fish, while Verezzi sits up on the hillside among terraced gardens and orchards, just a few panoramic hairpin bends from the beach. The latter consists of four neighbourhoods: Poggio, Piazza, Roccaro, and Crosa. The view of the Ligurian coast that each of these hamlets enjoys is priceless. Immersed in the aromas of Mediterranean vegetation, one almost feels suspended between the sky and the sea. In ancient times, the two settlements were known as Burgum Albingaunum (Borgio) and Viretum (Verezzi) and shared a parallel history: both suffered Saracen invasions and became holdings of the Bishops of Albenga and of the Del Carrettos of Finale. Ultimately, in 1385, they were ceded to the Republic of Genoa. Along the narrow streets and alleyways that connect Verezzi’s neighbourhoods, evocative glimpses of tight passageways, ancient entrances, wash-tubs, votive niches, and corners rich with history and beauty unfold at every step.
Snails in the Verezzi style is Verezzi’s dish par excellence, stewed at length and served strictly in the shell. In august, a traditional sagra della lumaca (snail festival) is celebrated. Among the local wines, the Lumassina, the Nostralino "Veretium" and the exceptional Barbarossa stand out. The olive orchards, even if fewer with respect to the past, produce delicious extra-virgin olive oil.
Verezzi's most popular social event is its Festival teatrale (Theatre Festival), an important drama review that takes place every summer in the Piazza neighbourhood's evocative square. International theatre companies perform between low buildings of ancient stone, with the church of Sant'Agostino as the stage's backdrop.
With its 1389-meter sheer drop to the sea, Monte Carmo is one of the most sought-out excursion destinations. So green and so rocky at the same time, it has a unique appeal. For fans of the sea and underwater explorations, there's the shoal of Borgio Verezzi (from the Rio Fine in the east to the Rio Bottassano in the west), a rocky shelf rich with ravines used as a refuge by marine life. Besides offering tourists a series of architectural and artistically historic gems such as the little churches of San Agostino, the Campi Chapel, the parish church of San Martino, the Phoenician mill, and the crueze (alleys) connecting the neighbourhoods, Verezzi is connected to Borgio and Finale by several well-marked natural, historic, and botanic trails: the Nature trail, the Culture trail, the trail of the Stizze, and the Ancient Rural Paths trail, which make it possible to reach and visit the neighbourhoods by foot. The wall of the Rio Fine Cave, the rocks of Orera, and the walls (Cimitero, Pietra del Sole, Parsifal, and Canazei) of Monte Caprazoppa offer many rock-climbing opportunities. In Borgio, the caves of Borgio Verezzi are open all year round: a splendid guided path among brightly coloured stalactites, stalagmites, and small lakes.
Along the crest of monte Orera, near the Church of San Martino and just a few steps away from the Crosa neighbourhood's homes, rises the Phoenician mill, named so for the Phoenician and middle-eastern influences that permeate Verezzi's culture. Only two other examples of Phoenician mills exist in Europe, one in Spain and one in Sicily; both, however, are in ruins. This Aeolian mill's peculiarity immediately leaps to the eye: the vanes, situated inside, move thanks to wind that passes through slits on the façade. These windows were opened or closed according to the wind, so as to channel the flow on the vane's sails with the greatest intensity.
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